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How To Get The Most From Your Network

Career : Business Networking

To get the most from your Network takes some work and effort on your behalf - there is no getting away from that.

The first step is analysis. Write down a list of everyone in your network, and note down what they do and the sort of contacts that they have.

On another piece of paper, write down your skills and contacts, and also your desires and what you want to achieve.

Then it's time for some cross referencing: see who on the list you can help, and who on the list might be able to help you.

Here's the surprising thing: before you think about who can help you, rather try and offer help to those who you think you can help first.

This will aid your confidence and feelings of self worth and add some positivity to your thinking.

Once you have helped others, then think about helping yourself.

Note that once you have your list of who can actively help you, you need to be more diplomatic in your approach than just asking outright for contacts, unless you know them very well.

Rather build up a general relationship first. If someone is particularly important, try to get to know them on a social basis, as this often provides the foundation for friendship and moves beyond the realms of strictly business.

Typical: find a common interest (golf, yachting etc...) and organise to meet up. Why? Because these are more informal occasions and without the pressures of work, therefore it is easier to get to know each other. We are more likely to help friends than pure business contacts.

By: Fred

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