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How To Help The Kids, Avoid Speeding Fines, Get Smooth Skin


How to: shut the teenagers up and help them!

Tell them to start having a bit of a ponder as to their future careers. You can get great help on this from www.thestudents.net, check it out. Ask them about the sort of things that they would like to do, assess their strengths and weaknesses and basically start them focussing in on what they would like to achieve, what their ambitions are and that sort of thing.

The results could be very interesting and beneficial for all parties concerned, whilst also keeping their minds occupied and out of trouble for a little while!

How to: avoid speeding fines

Well, obviously don't speed. However, late night and early morning are not monitored as carefully as during rush hour times, when there are many police officers on the road.

Therefore the time of day can help you out here, though of course what are you doing speeding in the first place??!!

How to: get smooth skin

Use honey on your skin, small amounts of course. Leave for a while then rinse off. Or try removing with lemon juice. We are reliably informed that this works!

How to: clean your face properly and thoroughly

Use a laxative of the herbal variety! Dried senna leaves in bowling water are supposed to work really well - simply put your face over the steam with a towel over your head, and steam away for your hearts content - ideally around 15 minutes of you can. Supposed to do the trick and give you a great clean of the skin

By: Steve Flynn on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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