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How To Help Your Skin To Look Good

Beauty : Skincare

Our skin needs help to look good.

We've seen in previous tips the importance of diet: good amounts of fresh water every day with fresh fruit and vegetables and some whole grain foods too.

We've seen that exercise can help sweat out the system. But many girls miss the most obvious tip of all.

That is that you need to simply let your skin BREATHE sometimes.

Having make up on may add to your confidence but it does nothing for the health of your skin, blocking pores and making it easier for dirt or grime to get trapped on your skin.

Therefore you need to every few days have a day without make up. If you don't feel confident going out without make up then that is a separate issue, but if you really can't face that then do it on the weekend when there is no one around, perhaps on Sunday where you are less likely to be out and about.

Ideal: have a good walk or ride or get some exercise without makeup for the best impact on your skin.

By: Stephanie

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