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How Can I Talk To Or See The Prospective Candidates In My Constituency?


There will be hustings which are free for everyone to attend that are held in the run-up to the general election.

There are likely to be a series of events where all of the candidates will be invited to come and speak, and therefore those are a good opportunity to attend and see what each of the prospective candidates has to say for themselves, and you can also of course ask questions at these events.

In addition to this, most of the candidates or those that work for their local party will be going door to door and campaigning during the run-up to the election, so that is also a good opportunity.

There will be a phone number on the newsletters that get handed out and it will probably be the case that through phoning that you will get to speak to the candidate if you particularly want to do so: they are desperate to talk to as many constituents as they can in the lead up to the election so anyone who actively contacts them will be able to have a telephone conversation with them that way.

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