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How Jogging Is Great For Toning

Health And Fitness : Toning Your Body

The great thing about jogging is that it butns a great deal of calories, AND at the same time it will help to tone you!

For instance, it is estimated that running uses up more than 500 calories over the course of an hour; if you can compare that to many other forms of exercise then you will see that it is very favourable indeed.

Additionally, because of the way jogging exercises the body, it does not work on simply one part of the body - for instance using a cycling machine clearly is aerobic and the legs - whereas with jogging so many parts of the body are used: the butt, the arms, the legs, and the aerobic element of course with the heart and lungs being worked out.

This means that jogging is one of the best possible toning exercise forms that you can do. You will work the hamstrings, the quads, the hips, the bottom - aka gluteus maximus and many more areas as well.

There are two other great things about jogging: it is free, and it is very easy to set how you do it: the pace and time you spend jogging are both easily determined by you.

By: Stacy

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