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How Your Dog Can Secure Your Home

Pets : Dogs

Another advantage of having a dog as a pet is that it can be a great deterrent to a burglar.

Few burglars will challenge a home with a dog that barks when there are going to be others around with no dogs and thus a much easier target.

Of course even if your dog wouldn't hurt a fly, as many wouldn't, then it doesn't matter - just the presence and the thought of the dog being there and what it could do is enough to put people off.

And of course the noise of a dog barking causes attention - either from neighbours or the occupants of a house, and is therefore an excellent measure to deter burglars.

By: Fred

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Questions about dogs:

i have this dog who barks at what ever she hears!what should i do?...
- Thu, Sep 21st 2006

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