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How To Identify Who Is Your Perfect Partner

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Many people think they know the right person for them and what Mr Right looks like - following a certain cliche he is often tall, dark and handsome.

Unfortunately looking for physical characteristics alone is a surefire recipe for disaster. Mr Right with regard a poster on the wall and Mr Right as an actual human that you interact with are two very different people indeed, and it is as well to remember that.

In fact finding Mr Right is more about examining yourself and your own life rather than looking at anyone else at all.

Think about what is important to you. Write down your career ambitions, your thoughts and attitude to marriage, to children - and indeed whether you want them or not - and what you think you would like most from a partner - do you value security, excitement, romance or what?

Once you have listed it all down you are in a much better position to seek out someone who offers the requisite things you are after; beforehand you will simply drift from relationship to relationship and might get lucky, but are more than likely to carry on drifting and bemoaning your bad luck!

By: Stephanie

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