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How To Make Friends If You Are Unconfident

Relationships : Friendships

If you are a very unconfident person, then first of all you need to accept who you are. If you are having difficulties with how you feel about yourself, then you will need to talk to someone about it. Confidence issues take over your life, if you are unconfident then you may not want to take part in certain activities etc.
Making friends can be easy, even if you are shy and unconfident about being around other people. The best way to make friends is to get involved. Start asking people questions such as "what class do we have next?" Or "What was the homework we were given?" Dont overdo it though, that can scare people off. Casually ask these questions and then take it from there. Maybe they have msn and you do as well? Its always easy to chat to people over msn, because there are no awkward silences and if you feel that you are boring them, you can simply sign out.
Ask if you can sit with them at lunch, theres no harm in that, in fact they might have other friends that you dont know about who could be very nice people. Don't be the person who stands around with your arms folded with "negativity" vibes being sent out if you want friends, the first step to getting people to accept you is to accept yourself.
Don't be nasty about other people when you are around the people you want to be friends with, this will put them off. Don't be afraid to make jokes and have a laugh.
It's not a matter of whether you think they dont like you or you are a geek etc that gets in your way of making friends, its no ones fault but your own. Its your own mind thats feeding you these thoughts that you are not good enough for others. Push them away and think to yourself "i am who i am for a reason, and whoever doesnt like me is missing out on the fun that i offer".
Definate donts :
-Dont trail along and follow people like a lost puppy
-Dont say things that you know you will regret
-Dont lie about yourself, be truthful about who you are, its better to be liked for you being yourself than to be liked for being someone you want to be
definate do's:
-Do make an effort with people, dont sit back and expect it to come together for you
-Do be friendly and kind towards people
-Do be yourself!

By: Steph Curtis

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