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How To Make Your Room Seem Warmer

DIY : Home Repair

You can add a warm glow to your bedroom by using candles, perhaps in a small cluster on a side table, or lampshades with a golden hue so that the light is mellowed and less harsh. Some people also like to vary the brightness of the main lighting by having a dimmer switch fitted - this means you can vary the shade of your overhead lighting as you require.

You can also choose a colour scheme which uses warm tones, rather then pastels and cool colours which although are soothing, are not as "cosy" as the "hot" colours. During the winter you can add to this feeling by adding blankets, cushions or throws to the bed and chairs which complement the warmth.

Rugs with deep, rich colours or all one colour will add to the atmosphere. You should definitely think about this in the winter if you have wooden floors, as it will make it much easier when you have to get up during the night!

By: Bev on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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