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How To Make Yourself Talk To Someone

Relationships : Love

Talking to someone you don't want to can be hard.

We all naturally live in a so-called comfort zone - boundaries in which we are happy operating, which sound and seem familiar, and which require nothing too difficult to move around in.

However from time to time we need to move out of our comfort zone. Most of us only do that when we are forced - for instance we have to take a tough exam, or we go to an interview, or a crisis situation kicks in and we have to throw caution to the wind and do x,y,z.

One thing many find outside their comfort zone is talking to other people, and perhaps specifically those that they find attractive.

One useful way to make yourself do it is to imagine that you have no choice - someone is ordering you to talk to them as though through an earpiece in your ear.

Imagine it is your boss or someone you respect telling you that you have to go and do something. When you remove the choice element then it is much easier to do because you have to do it, there is no option not to.

It might sound a little strange but if you do it properly this can be a good way of stealing yourself to have those difficult conversations such as chatting up someone that you like.

By: Stephanie

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