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Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

Business : Marketing

If you want to boost your business, then one safe place to look that many neglect is existing customers.

As soon as you have a happy customer, you have an advocate. And they are worth their weight in gold. Funny then that so many people forget to use this most precious of resources.

There are many options - ask them for a few referrals. If they are satisfied with the product, they should be happy to give you the names of some friends they think may be interested who then become great prospects for you.

And also consider offering them a commission even for referrals - for instance 10% would be reasonable. This is great - extra cash for them and you only pay on results so if they ask 100 friends and 1 takes up the offer, then you are still just paying that 10%, well worth it for a sale of your product!

By: Stephen

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