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How To Pass Hazard Perception Tests


Hazard perception is a test that occurs when you undertake the driving theory test.

You get shown a series of clips and you need to try to identify where the hazards are in each of those video clips that get shown to you.

The key way to pass is to understand how they work and to ensure that you act accordingly.

Because sometimes where the hazard starts might be a little later than where you pick it up, click as soon as you see it then a few seconds later, and then a few seconds later again.

But don't click too much as too many clicks in a period of time can result in you not getting any points for that particular question.

If you click outside the window then you get no points, so if you are in doubt as to whether something is a hazard or not do a single click just in case that it a hazard, but remember not to do to many.

Also do some practice ones before the test to get familiar with how it all works.

There are some driving theory test question websites that have hazard perception video clips you can test yourself against for a small amount of money that is very low compared to the actual cost of doing the theory test itself or driving lessons.

By: Stacy

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