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How To Practice Creativity

Business : Starting Up In Business

If you want to be more creative then the fact is that you need to practice being creative. This seems to be shocking news to some, but being creative is just like anything else in life.

If you try to be creative regularly then you will find it easier next time, just like practicing algebra makes it easier the next time you are faced with an algebraic equation to solve!

So, how do you practice creativity? Well here is one task that can work well to fire up the old imagination and get those juices flowing.

Look at the room around you, or go outdoors and look in the garden, up the street, or whatever suits.

Notice some of the objects around you. Then look at them, and give them a new name and a new purpose.

For instance if you are in the kitchen and you see the kettle give it a new name, and imagine what else it could be for.

By: Job Expert

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