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How To Present To A Client In Business

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Getting in front of potential clients is half the battle, and often securing an appointment with someone who is always more busy with internal politics than meeting people external can be a real challenge.

Which means that when you get that meeting and hour of their time, you really want to make it good and give a good impression of your site.

What you should therefore do and what tends to work best is to prepare something that they can take away in written form that is a lasting summary of what you have presented.

If you email them some notes or a presentation that is all very well, but unless they print it off it may be useless.

Therefore prepare a powerpoint presentation for them - and check there will be a facility to connect it up when you get there - and present that.

Also print a few copies of it for each attendee - preferrably in colour - and hand them out either at the start or the end of your presentation.

This way they have a lasting reminder of you. If you have a company brochure or literature then by all means bring that too.

By: Job Expert

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