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Icebreaker: My Shield

Business : Icebreakers

Each person is given a piece of flipchart paper.

They must then draw a shield / family crest on the piece of paper, and divide into four sections.

They must draw in the sections as follows:
- top left: their age, where they were born
- top right: draw something that symbolises their life to date
- bottom left: draw the most important thing in their life
- bottom right: draw what they want to achieve in life

at the bottom of the shield they must write their own personal motto.

Once done (after 10 minutes) each member shares their own unique shield with the rest of the group, and spends a couple of minutes explaining to the rest of the group.

By: Stephen

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This works really well, for a variety of different groups. I find that getting students to draw, rather than write, takes the pressure off those who are less able in terms of reading or writing. You can really get any information that you need using this method. Try using smaller pieces of paper if you have less room or a larger group and put their efforts up on the wall, it really brightens up othewise dull training environments.

Incidentally there is a great website for this kind of exercise and some other really usefull information:


(Yes, it is a serious link!)

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