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Remove Red Wine From A Light Carpet

Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning

It sounds like a bad combination doesn't it: a light coloured carpet, and a deep red wine stain starting to seep into it.

Well the key to recovery is to act very fast.

First of all without delay immediately start to soak up the absolute excess on the top. Then, whilst the rest is still wet, now apply a little mineral water onto the stain which will make the colour lighter as it will dilute it whilst still wet.

Then use a sponge and more water to clean the mark and start to apply pressure in order to absorb any dye from the wine that has seeped into the carpet.

Finally you need to add salt over the area, then after about five minutes you should use the vacuum cleaner to remove the salt. Hopefully then once dry the stain will be minimalised and fade away to obscurity.

By: Artiste

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