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How To Score A Badminton Match

Sport : Badminton

When playing a singles match, you have to begin with a coin toss to determine who is serving, or which end of the court you are going to play on. The winner gets to choose and the loser has the remaining choice. The aim of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and onto the floor of your opponent's side of the court.

This is called winning a rally. You lose when the shuttle hits the floor on your side, or if you hit it before it crosses the net, or if you hit it into then net. It is also a loss if you hit it over the net but it misses the lines of the other person's court.

When the receiving side wins the serve you have to change sides. The server and receiver stand on diagonally opposite sides of their courts but after that can move to any position on their side.

Matches are usually the best out of 3 games, and each game starts with a score of love-all, which means 0-0. If the serving side wins a rally as described above then a point is awarded, but if the receiving side win a rally then the score remains as it is. The service is passed to the opponent.

15 points wins the game but in ladies' singles it is 11 points to win. In normal games, if the score reaches 14-14 you can play onto 15 or until one side reaches 17. In ladies you can play onto 13 if the score hits 10 all.

In the 3rd game of a match you have to change sides when the score reaches 8, or 6 in a ladies' game.

By: Bev Woolfson on Fri, Apr 19th 2002

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