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How To Sew On A Button

DIY : Home Repair

First of all you have to choose a thread that is as close in colour as possible to the material of the garment or to the thread with which the other buttons are sewn on. As a rule garments tend to come with a spare button attached to the label, but some manufacturers prefer to place the button in a separate little bag attached to the original price tag which you may well have lost a long time ago, confident that you would never need it. If this is the case, try and get a button which resembles the original ones as much as you can.

Thread the needle and bring the needle down to the middle of the thread, then knot both ends. This will stop you from pulling it through the material as you sew. Place the button on the spot that you want to sew it. Remember not to stitch too tightly - it must be loose enough to go through the button hole. Holding the button with one hand, push the needle up through the material and into one of the holes in the button, then thread it through the other hole and push down through the material. Repeat these steps until the button is secure, and make sure you finish with the thread coming through the back of the button.

Break the thread off carefully and secure it with a knot. Trim away any loose ends on the back as well, so that the tiny knot is the only thing coming out of the material.

By: Bev on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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