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How To Stay Safe On EBay

Money : EBay

When you use eBay, most people are above board and legitimate.

However from time to time you will view that there are scandals as people do not send goods, or write misleading descriptions and other bad things.

The problem is that there is no easy way to contact eBay apart from the email service which is a total lottery. Also when you do contact them, it is very very very hard to get anything done.

There is nothing more frustrating from buying an item from a seller and then hearing nothing from them - because you got it at a bargain price they don't want to sell at. Chances are eBay themselves will not help you out.

Therefore you need to help yourself. How? Well, the key thing to do is only buy from people that have a perfect feedback record - literally 100% good - with no negatives at all.

Also only buy from people that have sold 20 items or more.

Otherwise it is just too risky. Let other people take the risk and buy from people who are new or have not always got good feedback - but don't take the risk yourself as there is no support out there when things go wrong.

By: Ebay User

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