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Successful Networking: The Ongoing Process

Career : Business Networking

The best way to view networking is as something that you do ongoing, and not merely on a one off basis.

This means that you view it as part and parcel of your life and not something that you do on special occasions, for instance when you want to move job or are even made redundant and want to find something new.

Networking is a two way street and you need to ensure that you don't come across as take-take, and indeed don't have that attitude else people in your network will resent you and you won't derive the maximum benefit from networking which comes from trying to help both parties.

Did you know that it is estimated that in the average large company, 85% of people find their next job (and often have a large foot placed in the door to get that job) through networking!

This just shows how important networking and knowing people really is if you want to get on in business.

By: Peter

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