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How To Take Great Photos

Hobbies : Photography

There are many budding photographers out there, taking great pictures. But for many, the dusty old camera comes out once or twice a year when we go on holiday, and we take a set of basic photos, put them in an album after being slightly disappointed with the results, and that's it for the year.

But photography can be a good and rewarding hobby, as well as a great way of meeting many interesting people depending what area of photography you end up getting into. There are many great books on the market, and these are often the best way for the beginner to start.

One simple tip is with regard to composition - when you are taking a photo, it is tempting to place the subject in the centre of the picture. But if you look at professional photographs, particularly of landscapes, you will see this is often not the case. In fact, you should apply the law of thirds. That is, put the area of interest in the left hand third of the shot.

Imagine you are taking a picture of a little boat in a secluded part of a lake. It is tempting to put it in the centre, but in fact take the picture with the boat in the left hand third of the picture. Once it's developed you will see how much better and professional it looks. This is because your eye appreciates the rest of the picture and is then drawn to the boat which adds character, rather than it completely dominating the photo to the detriment of all the other elements in it.

So that's a tip on composition. Of course there is so much to learn about photography, and you never really learn everything you can about this great media! The more you explore the more you find - that's one of the great things about it.

If you splash out on an SLR camera, then you will be able to use filters to increase the effects and outcome of your shots. A nice sunset filter will warm up even the bleakest looking shot, or a soft focus filter will add a little romance to a shot, or use a rainbow filter to add drama to a dull sky.

Photography is a great and absorbing hobby. Best of all it need not be expensive, as even with a fairly cheap and simple camera, there is still lots of flexibility in the sorts of shots and techniques that you can employ - especially these days as the quality of photographs gets better and better. Just stick to film based cameras where the quality of the outcome is still much better than with digital cameras (as great as they are for quick and simple shots).

Once you get into photography, you should find it a fun, fascinating and ultimately very rewarding hobby.

By: Chris on Sat, Oct 4th 2003

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