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How To Tell If Someone Is Dangerously Drunk

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Common signs of alcohol poisoning include confusing, not waking up from sleep, cold or clammy or blue coloured skin, vomiting, convulsions, slow or irregular breathing (e.g. less than 8 breaths per min), and having a low body temperature.

Whatever you do, if someone is in this situation, they will need someone with them at all times.

Make sure you keep them awake and sitting or standing when being sick. Put them in the recovery position with their head to the side if they need to lay down. Get a blanket or coat to keep them warm and prevent hypothermia. Give them water if possible. Do not give them coffee as it will cause dehydration. Its important they donít sleep it off as they could vomit and choke during sleep. Donít allow them to drink any more alcohol. All the above symptoms may not occur, only some can still mean it is alcohol poisoning or related condition. Call 999 for an ambulance if you are in any doubt or they seem to be getting much worse.

By: Danielle

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