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The Best Type Of Modelling For You


Modelling success involves concentrating on the mainstream market of commercial and glamour modelling; then models in this area tend to share a few characteristics.

Model Statistics

Firstly, they tend to be very well toned (physically fit), and also well proportioned in their body.

They also tend to be fairly tall, over 5ft9. They also need to be firm with no wobbly bits at all, as of course you will see by looking at any magazine you like that covers fashion and the fashion world.

How to model if you are short

So what does the shorter woman tend to do? Well, if you are under the above height, then you can still model, and do so successfully, but for this you have to have a good body: and if you do, then you can do lots of swimwear shoots showing off your great body, or also moody, sensual lingerie work.

Shorter models can be extremely successful in the always thriving and healthy glamour end of the market.

Plus size modelling

The larger person who aspires to be a model can also get into modelling, though of course it can be harder as most agencies are looking for the stereotype.

However, there are opportunities that come up where someone who is not the norm is specifically looked for and you should keep an eye out for these.

Hand and face modelling

As well as these standard markets, there are of course those who concentrate on a particular body part: hands, feet and so on, and if this interests you then there will also be opportunities in these focussed areas that you can try to exploit.

By: Stella on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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Um im 5'7" and 106 pounds could i be a model and if yes what kind?

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