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The Bikini And Getting The Ultra Smooth Look

Beauty : Beach Fashion

When it comes to getting that ultra smooth shave on your bikini line or anywhere else before hitting the beach in your bikini, tankini or other swim wear, then there are some tips to bear in mind:

First of all, you should ensure that you first shave with the grain and then the next time, shave against the grain.

Another good tip is to allow the area to 'rest' for a few hours after your second shave and then shave across it again, lightly, so as to ensure that you get it as close to the skin as possible and fully smooth.

Then if you do miss any hairs, consider using an electric razor right at the end of the process, just to ensure that you pick up those stray hairs and get as smooth a bikini line as possible. You are now ready to hit the beach in your fashionable bikini or swimsuit and no doubt turn some heads!

By: Stephanie

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