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The Virtuous Circle Of Good Networking Practice

Career : Business Networking

If you practice the form of good networking outlined in this section - broadly, giving without expecting to receive, then you will find it can be a virtuous circle.

More people will want to know you and be part of your network, making it easier to grow. They will be receptive to helping you out somewhere down the line and referring you to friends.

Some worry that there is a down side to this sort of networking - where people may know that you are helpful and USE you - for instance milk you for good business advice with no intention of helping you out in return.

But in fact this is one of the virtuous effects of your networking approach. First, you have someone who you would NOT want to be in your normal network, so displace them. A good network for you needs to be made up of the right sort of people for you.

Secondly, you will soon learn to spot this sort of person and can stop contact with them very quickly before you waste any time being exploited by them.

By: Job Expert

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