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Top Interactive Museums


The London Science Museum has an IMAX cinema and great live demos from fireworks to physical forces. Its very hands on and interesting as well as entertaining.

Manchester Art Gallery is also hands on and has a section devoted to making, appreciating and thinking about art, so it engages the children as well. You can create your own ‘junk’ art, dress up as characters from history and play with the interactive computers.

The National Museum of Flight, in East Lothian, Scotland has actual aircraft on site and you can learn how they are built, why they fly and be involved in an actual flight simulation.

The British Music Experience, in London is the UK’s first interactive history of British popular music, and you can access exclusive interviews with pop stars, as well as record yourself singing or playing guitar, keyboard or drums, and dance in front of a massive virtual crowd.

At the Big Pit Museum National Coal Museum, in Blaenafon, Wales, you can go down a real coal mine and experience what its like through the various tours and guides.

By: Danielle

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