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What Not To Do Speed Dating

Relationships : Speed Dating

Sometimes it can be as instructive to find out what you should not do when speed dating as it is to work out what you should do!

Here are some no-nos for speed dating:

Drinking too much, not only will this put everyone off, but it will mean you get nothing from the event. And turning up a bit too merry is no good either, you need to be sober to get anything from speed dating events.

Giving out personal information - even if you really like the person and think they feel the same, never do this and give them your email or whatever - it is a formal event and if you like them and they like you this will come out in the fullness of time anyway as the feedback is given to each person (though you do occasionally see people who really hit it off sharing details in this way!)

Also make sure that you don't talk about your other relationships, and what went wrong and so on. If you are attending because you have just split up with someone, then again that is not really the best thing to do and will make people wary you are on the rebound, so no talking about former failed relationships and what they did that annoyed you.

As a general rule ask open questions in a positive way and don't get too negative - if you don't like the job they do or think it is boring for instance if they work at a supermarket, never make any surprised or negative comments such as 'oh is that all' or 'can't you get a better job' always sound interested in what they say and encourage to get the best results!

By: Stephanie

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