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What To Do If Your Car Is Stuck In Snow.

DIY : Cars

Follow this guide to know how to get out of snow if your car has got stuck in the snow.

Check the exhaust pipe, make sure there is no snow covering it.
This prevents deadly gases from building up inside the car.

Dig away snow and ice if you can especially around the tires.
If you have a shovel, use this, a trowel could also work well.

Put snow chains on if you have them.

Ride the Brakes, one wheel will often spin more then the other, so pressing the brakes slightly will decrease the spinning, and transfer even power to both wheels. DO NOT do this for too long as it will overhear the brakes.

Put floor mats in front of the tires.

Sprinkle salt, sand or cat little in front of the tires.

Straighten the wheels, straighten the steering wheel.

Use a low gear to pull out, gently accelerate until the wheels slip and then back up until it does it again, keep doing this until you have room to pull out.

Let some air out the tires. A tiny amount so that they get more traction, do not let them get low.

Rock the car. Shift quickly between forward and reverse gear to give more room, this is a last resort option.

If in need call RAC or your breakdown provider.

Do not get into danger.


- Make sure you have blankets, food, drink and a breakdown kit, a fully charged mobile and a shovel/trowel along with some cat littler/salt in your car with you in winter weather, this will prove handy in this situation and may help you!

By: Jade

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