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What To Do If Your Friends Don't Like Your Boyfriend

Relationships : Friendships

If your own friends don't like your boyfriend or your girlfriend, or think that he or she is not cool or a bit of a geek, then what can you do about it?

Well it really is a test of how much you like your boyfriend. Many teenagers these days are so affected by peer pressure that they will dump their boyfriend if not liked by their own friends.

However, if you do like your boyfriend then you should work on your friends to turn their opinion around.

Get them to meet your boyfriend and see how nice they are. Also explain to them that you need them all to be friends and it is important that they are supportive of your choices.

In this case a good friend should be nice to them for your sake even if they don't get on for whatever reason, and leave you to get on with your relationship!

By: Stephanie

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