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Where To Get Advice Before Starting A Business

Business : Starting Up In Business

Before starting a business you may consult all sorts of people and books to get hints, tips and advice.

Whilst rather dry, most books along the lines of 'how to run a successful business' tend to be quite effective and have some good tips.

However remember two things:

- look for books that are written by those who have actually been in business and know about the reality. Whilst there are many so-called gurus many of them have never even run a business and therefore their advice is based on what they perceive to work rather than knowledge of what works

- nothing brings things to life like talking to someone real who has been there and done that. Therefore if there is a possibility of talking to a current business owner, usually you or a friend will know someone who does this, then it can be invaluable to have a chat and gain the benefits of their experience

By: Job Expert

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