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Who To Send Your Press Release To

Business : PR

Once you have written the press release, you need to have a good think about where to send it to. Most people are not too fussy and adopt a scatter gun approach hoping to increase their number of hits. Certainly if you aim at only one target then you have ample scope to be disappointed should they not take it!

That said, you should only bother sending to publications or media outlets to which your story is of interest: if you have just opened a new lingerie store there is no point sending it to a childrens TV channel for instance.

Therefore have a quick think about your target audience - what sort of person would be interested in what you have to say, and where can you find that sort of reader? Once you have the answer to that, target the publications that have just that sort of readership.

Think around the box, and don't just target newspapers and magazines: there are some very popular websites and getting listed on these can be great publicity of a level much greater than just the local newspaper.

By: Job Expert

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