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Why Children Often Resent New Relationships

Relationships : Family

If you have a new relationship and are trying to introduce your new partner to your children, then you may feel that they are resentful or overly suspicious.

However this is normal - many children resent new relationships. And remember that more often than not this is not to do with the person themselves - they would react like that with anyone.

The reason often is that this person feels like an intruder who has suddenly appeared from nowhere and taking your time - you have to share your time between them all which may mean the kids feel like they get less of your time and attention.

Be sure to that you need to ask your children how they feel and if you sense resentment or dislike ask why it is. Be gentle and understanding with children so that they are honest with you of their reasons.

Make sure that your attitude and the way you treat your children never changes after you meet a new partner from beforehand - if they don't like the partner then don't start to resent them and similarly if the partner has a different attitude to raising children then you, you need to stick to your values and attitudes and always act in a consistent manner around them.

By: Stephanie

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