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Money - as the financial crisis rumbles on with no sign of stopping, then most people could do with some advice and tips when it comes to money. Which is handy - as you've come to a place with hundreds of great financial tips across a whole range of different categories.

From information on probably the largest financial debt any individual takes on board - raising a mortgages - through to hints and tips on how to put aside something for a rainy day in our savings section, there should be some how to articles of interest to everyone.

And for those looking to make a little extra money in these tough times, there are hints on how to do so through eBay and information on stocks and shares too - although sadly no-one knows how to guarantee a profit in that arena! Look through the list of categories below and choose the one of most interest, we hope you find something to interest you therein.
Some great advice on getting the best bank account for you, and making the best use of it.

Money Management
Some people are naturally great at this, and others not so... The advice here should help you manage your money effectively.

Hints and tips related to borrowing, how to get the best deal you can, and how to make sure that you are able to repay your debts.

Saving money can be tricky, there are so many options. Everyone can probably make better saving decisions. Here are some hints and tips on the subject.

Back To Basics
An excellent series of articles that go back to basics and examine the fundamentals of financial planning.

Articles about eBay, selling and making money on eBay...

Mortgages, and mortgage related terminology, demystified

Overseas Property
Simple tips and practical advice on buying property overseas as an investment...

Tips on buying and selling property, to live in or for investment purposes...

Hints and tips on investing your money...

Hints on buying items and buying safely and securely

Information and explanations of different insurance types...

Inheritance Tax
Information and suggestions on inheritance tax and reducing the tax bill on your estate...

Stocks And Shares
Shares: investing in, and related information...

Frugal With Money
How to make your money last that little bit longer...