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How To Cool Your Body Temperature In The Heat

Health And Fitness : Hot Weather Tips

One of the most effective ways is to do something very obvious.

And that is - to hold a frozen object, for instance a bag of frozen peas, in your hand until it feels too cold and you need to let go.

Now, does this really work?

Well apparently do - the heat transfer when you are in direct contact with something is extremely efficient, compared to say convection or radiation of energy, and therefore it really will cool you down. Scientific research shows that you can cool down by a couple of degrees through this method.

Of course, you just need to be careful not to hold on too long in case you get frost bite or something similar, so therefore don't be too macho but rather be sensible with this method.

Another simple method is to stand in front of a cool fan, and pour a little cold water over your chest and back.

Then as it evaporates in the cool air flow this will really also have the effect of cooling you down.

By: Fred

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