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How To Cure Hiccups

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Hiccups can be a real pain

There are more cures for hiccups listed than almost anything else, many are old wives tales whilst others work.

Cure your hiccoughs by taking a teaspoon of vinegar.

By: Amber Wilkinson on Tue, Jun 4th 2002

More hiccups advice

Get rid of hiccoughs by drinking out of the wrong side of a glass.

Put a paper towel over a glass of water and hold it around the edges and drink through the paper towel.

To cure baby hic cups dip your finger in water and then sugar and place on tongue of baby for a few seconds.

Just before you hiccup swallow, keep doing till they have gone, it does work.

Place a pen in your mouth and then drink someone from the wrong side of the glass. PS someone making you jump doesn't work, just gives you a heart attack!

Sit up very straight and stretch both arms as high as possible over your head for as long as possible. (stretches the diaphragm)

Have a friend plug your ears while you drink some water! I don't know how but it really works everytime!.

Take a gulp of water - don't drink it. Bend over and drink it slowly. Do this about 3 times and hiccups disappear, it's all to do with clearing air from the diaphragm. ps you may look odd doing it though...

Take your middle finger and your index finger and gently tap your chest where your windpipe is..

This sounds silly, but stand up straight hold your arms out to the side of your body and hold your breath for a few seconds. IT WORKS EVERY TIME I PROMISE.

To cure hiccups take a spoon full of sugar adn try to swallow it without sucking it....somehow it scratches the spot where your hiccups occur.Believe me it works!.

To cure hiccups:

1. Stop your breath and count from 1 - 20


2. Stick a mathstick in your hair, above your forehead, and simply drink a glass of water. Strangely, that does work..

A hiccup is a muscle spasm of the diaphram muscle, which seperates the lungs from your stomach. The muscle goes into a spasm and forces the air out of the lungs, creating a hiccup. The best way to stop the spasm is to totally relax your body. Take a deep inhale, hold it for a few seconds and blow out slowly. Ideally, if you can have someone stand behind you, placing their hands on your midsection and hold down the muscle while you do this, it works a lot faster. If the first time it doesn't work, try again.


and this is going to sound nutz! lay on a bed, on your back, with your head off the side of the bed, almost to the floor and stretch. This causes the diaphram to pull and brings it out of the spasm.....

Hope that helped.

When someone has hiccups, tell them that you want to hear them hiccup. eg. "come on, let me hear you hiccup, I'm waiting, give a really big hiccup!"

Somehow, 'stage fright' stops the hiccups.

Try it!.

What i do when i have the hiccups is take a huge gulp of dill pickle juice. it works every time!!.

This is guaranteed to work every time! Stand in front of the sink and bend over it. Gulp a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass. Stand over the sink to catch all the water that goes down your chin!! Keep gulping and don't stop till you've drunk all the water! Works for me!.

Hold your nose while drinking a glass of water(drink the whole glass).Hold your breath after having drunk the glass of water.
It works but no guarantees.


Let someone scare you when you dont realise someone did that to me and the hiccups was scared out of my body x bec x

*+~@* The Best Hiccup Cure In The World! *+~@*

I find the best way to swollow hiccups is......

Take a deap breath, close your mouth and swollow.

Take another deap breath, without breathing out, close and swollow again.

Keep repeating this until you can't hold your breath any more!

Sure fire winner, everytime!

You can always try and remember each person in your class whenever you studied, or try and do the alphabet backwards faster

Hickups are stupid i get em all the time got e in yr five get em in yr 6 but the best cure for me is hold your breath for as long as you can try it with water is better though theve been well anoying in lessons aswell there natrual cant stop em there ya go

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