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How To Finance Buying A Car

Money : Buying

These days less and less people pay the cost of a new car upfront, as the cost of even a modest car is quite significant and apart from a property, one of the biggest sums that you will spend in one go for most people!

Be careful of a manufacturer's finance deal. These can sometimes be very expensive indeed so check all the paperwork, the facts, and get an example of how much you will be required to pay month on month and for how long.

You may find that it is better to get a deal from the bank through a standard load - usually work out better than from the manufacturer.

Of course for smaller sums you could consider placing it on a credit card with a few months interest free term - as long as you are 100% sure you can pay off the amount in full by the time the money is due to the credit card company else you will have even higher fees!

By: Fred

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