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Guide To Slogan Writing - V

Hobbies : Competitions

Final tips with slogan writing include the following:

Rhyming couplets

These are a mainstay and sometimes a little bit too common, but that said judges are almost trained to look out for them and almost expect them in many answers.

Therefore if you can write a great rhyming couplet then you have a very good chance of winning slogan writing competitions.

The only way to get better is to practice!

Take a few arbitrary goods from the shopping trolley or garden or anywhere in the house once a week, and try to construct slogans around them. The practice comes in handy for the real thing.

For instance imagine you are in the garden and see the trowel, you could write something along the lines of:

"for gardening equipment that won't make you howl,
be sure to throw in Greenfinger's trowel"

By: Fred

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