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How To Increase Online Sales

Business : ECommerce

It is a known fact that people buy from people. Often when you go to buy something on the high street, it is the rapport or knowledge the salesman provides that makes you buy from that person.

If you build up a relationship of any sort with a provider of any product, you tend to go back and recommend them to others - loyalty.

Given this, it is strange that the online sales world of ecommerce tends to be anonymous - a faceless web shop and ecommerce software to fill in gives no sense of the site or the people behind it.

If you are a small site selling a product online, then try the personal approach - but your photo prominently on the site with details of your experience, so that the end user is re-assured that the site is by a 'real' person, and so that they know who they will be buying from.

A simple step, but it can be extremely effective.

By: Stephen

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