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Networking Skills: The Branch Method

Career : Business Networking

Many people meet someone good networking and then may meet up with them again in future.

They may even work together or one might help the other out. And that is great. But they are still missing a trick!

This is where the branching method comes in. The most powerful thing about networking is not who you know, but who the people you know know!

In other words, you should try to get introductions and find people that your contact knows who would be useful for you to know.

If each of your contacts knows three people it would be useful for you to know then that would be an instant TREBLING in the size of your network - that's massive opportunities and massive power added to your network.

Therefore do ask if they know anyone you think might benefit from your skills and knowledge and vice versa.

Some of the most valuable people you meet and add to your network will be introductions through contacts, rather than necessarily the contact themselves, whose value will be as being an introducer.

By: Peter

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