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How To Perform In A Video Interview

Career : Interviews

If your interview is being put on video then this can be off putting.

The first tip therefore is to try to forget that the camera is there and act normally - otherwise you may get put off and become a little self conscious about the camera being there.

Another tip is to remember to speak clearly and slowly - whilst people tend to do this in interview, it is particularly important over the video camera. When other people listen to the interview - perhaps someone who could not make it on the day of the interview - you want them to be able to hear you.

Also pay particular attention to your body language as this is much more evident on film sometimes than in person.

Ensure your body is open and not closed, do not cross your legs (as a man) with arms not folded, you may also wish to lean slightly forward to show engagement or sit up straight.

Do not slouch or lean back, and do not display nervous ticks such as wiping your hands to remove sweat and so forth.

By: Job Expert

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