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How To Pluck Your Eyebrows

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Eyebrow Plucking Technique

To work out where your eyebrow should begin, hold a pencil vertically against each side of your nose. Where the pencil lands each time is where each eyebrow should begin.

When to tweeze eyebrows

The best time to tweeze your brows is after a bath or shower, as the pores will be open and so the process of removing the hairs will be less painful. If you are in a hurry though, simply soak a piece of cotton wool in warm water and hold against each brow for a minute or so - this will have a similar effect. Another alternative is to numb your brows with ice.

Always make sure the light is good so you can see clearly what you are doing.

Don't moisturise the area before you begin plucking, otherwise the tweezers will be unable to grip the hairs properly.

Using an eyebrow brush, or an old (clean!!!) toothbrush, brush your eyebrows upwards. Some people find it helpful to draw a line on your eyebrows with a brow pencil to guide them. To do this just follow the natural line or curve of the brow.

Perfect Eyebrows

Pull the skin of your brow taut against the bone when you pluck. Pluck one hair at a time, gently - there is no need to pull roughly, and only in the direction that the hair grows.

Natural Looking Eyebrows

Never tweeze from above your eyebrows; it distorts the natural curve.

Remember that you should pluck your eyebrows into a symmetrical shape. Pause frequently throughout so that you can stand back and check that you are following the correct line.

Another useful tip is that your brows should extend a little past the corner of each eye.

Plucking Mistakes

Try not to overpluck as it can take a long time for the hairs to grow back! If you are unsure about how to use the eyebrow pencil to draw a line to follow, simply tweeze away any stray just under each brow and along your upper eyelids.

If the worst does happen, you can fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil, but bear in mind that this can look strange if you are too heavy handed with it - so just use a light touch.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

More eyebrows advice

Instead of ice to numb your skin use teething gel it works twice as well.

Btw Ice Doesnt Work Apply Hot Water To Your Eyebrows Ice Just Freezes The Hair Folicles Really And Hurts More!

Well what i do is first apply vaseline to each eyebrow then pluck the vaseline helps to soften the hairs and wont cause pain. bec x

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