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How To Remove Salt From Your Diet

Health And Fitness : Weight Loss

If you are looking to cut down on the amount of salt in your diet, perhaps due to high blood pressure, then there are some obvious places to start.

The key thing to do is to try and buy fresh wherever possible. This means trying to stop using the ready meals and convenience foods that are often full of salt, and also if you can cutting down on tinned vegetables in preference of fresh.

Why is this?

Well, canned vegetables and foods tend to use salt as a preservative and hence often have a high concentration of salt in them.

If you buy vegetables in cans, then try this little trick:

- rinse them in running water for one to two minutes before using. This can literally knock off salt granules clinging to the edge of the product and cut down 40% of the salt. Well worth it for a minute's work!

By: Stephanie

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