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Successful Networking: Ask The Right Questions

Career : Business Networking

Often networking, and good networking, is about your approach and asking the best questions.

It is well known that in some situations asking good and proper questions is essential to getting what you want - for instance in an interview companies have only themselves to blame if they ask the wrong sort of questions to decide which candidate is right for them (as so often happens due to woeful interview training and technique displayed by interviewers).

However, when it comes to networking, right questions and good questions also come into effect, even on an ad hoc basis.

One of my friends, for instance, once walked into the reception of a company and asked if there were any vacancies. The secretary duly said 'no' and he left.

Some others did the same. However a couple of weeks later he realised the secretary could not possibly know about all vacancies, and so therefore went in again and asked to see the head of the department he was interested in.

Sure enough he made an appointment and met the head of that department, and talked about his skills and experience rather than the fact he was a job seeker - and got offered a job in the longer term.

Bottom line: ask the right questions to find people to add to your network.

By: Peter

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