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The Insanity Workout

Health And Fitness : Exercise Guide

There is a new workout trend for 2013, and it is called THE INSANITY WORKOUT. By the name at first look you will probably wonder if only insane people would be crazy enough to do this workout. But more and more people are doing this workout and getting fit and loosing loads of weight, and now you can too.

The Insanity Workout is a DVD workout that promises quick leaps in fitness through intense workouts.

The Insanity Workout uses a principle known as MAX INTERVAL TRAINING.. This is interval training at its highest. Workouts are divided into intervals. Instead of running straight for five minutes you will be looking at a minute run, a two minute jobs and a sprint and a 1 minute walk.

You will burn so much more calories doing this and will lose more weight and in general your fitness levels will climb quicker.

This workout isn't just standard interval training though, it is more intense, you will spend more time doing the toughest part of the workout rather then the easier parts. More time is spent doing harder work.

This means the workout will be very difficult even for advanced fitness fanatics.

The workout is fairly short though, so it can be completed quickly, and you can do the course in two months (60 days).

You are looking at a 45 minute workout per day, six days a week. Some days are less harder, and they are tailored to you. Three days are high impact and two days are lighter.

You will need a yoga mat, a heart rate monitor is optional.

Always consult a doctor before starting any new fitness regime.

You can buy The Insanity Workout DVD'S Online from Ebay and from Amazon.

By: Jade

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