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Modelling is one of the most competitive environments there is. And, of course, there is a massive pressure on people to conform to the rigid requirements that are in place for weight and height for male and female models. But what are those requirements?

The articles in this section give details on the stature that is usually required to be a model, for various types of modelling, together with information on building a compelling portfolio, information on agencies, and how to spot a genuine agency from one that isn't.

The Best Type Of Modelling For You
Commercial or maybe glamour?

True Modelling Success
Persistence is everything...don't take rejection personally

Useful Modelling Websites
Useful sites to help you...

What To Ask Before A Model Photo Shoot
Having a photo shoot, then be sure to check...

What You Need To Be A Model
There are many routes to success...read this to find them out

When Signing Up To Modelling Agencies
Things to think about before signing up...

Who Are The Top Modelling Agencies?
The major modelling agencies you could approach are...

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