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Business can be tough going. Whether you are in the process of starting up a business or already run your own business and need inforamtion on particular aspects, our categories below are sure to contain some useful information for you to browse.

Or perhaps you are new to the online world and are thinking about ecommerce or online business and have questions you need answered - take a look at the relevant sections for more. Or if you're looking to work from home, our home working category offers food for thought.

Starting Up In Business
Starting up in business can be very tricky, with so many things to do and remember.

If you are looking for investment information, check out this section.

Lots of information for you related to business insurance.

Useful articles on tax that you should be aware of if you are running a business.

A collection of fun icebreakers to use in your business meetings to liven things up and have some fun!

Tips on taking your business online, and maximising the online channel...

Running Your Business
Hints, tips on advice on how to keep your business running smoothly once set up

Small Business Ideas
If you are looking to set up a small business, here are some ideas for the sorts of business that you might like to run.

Online Business
Hints, tips and ideas on running a successful online business

Advertising Your Business
Tips on advertising your business: the audience to target and the medium

Business Websites
Information about a successful business website, including building and marketing your site...

Home Working
Hints and tips on home working...

Self Employment
Articles on self employment and the challenges, rewards of self employment...

Invoicing And Managing Finances
Collecting money and managing finance is one of the trickiest aspects of running a small business

Marketing hints and tips

Information and advice on using PR to benefit your business...

Business Questions
A selection of useful questions to ask yourself about your business, split into essential subjects...

Viral Marketing
some viral marketing ideas for you and your business...

Tips on boosting business profits...

Tips on getting the money you and your business are owed...

Salary Calculator
See if you're earning the money you should...