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Bathroom Cleaning

10 Minutes To A Clean Bathroom
This is one of the worst jobs in the whole house and no one wants to be the one to do it. There is hairspray all over, toothpaste stuck to the sink, the mirror...

How Steam Can Clean
Here is a tip from a reader that is green, fun and apparently also works! My expert tip is economic and good for the environment. Imagine leaving a...

How To Clean A Blocked Sink
Pour in the salt

How To Clean A Toilet
Pool pucks and more info on this horrid task!

How To Clean Marks Off The Shower
Spot remover will help

How To Clean Oily Hands
Keep it sweet - use some sugar

How To Clean Shower Doors
Shower doors can get really dirty and mouldy if they're not dried on a daily basis. Bathrooms are always wet and humid, so its best to wipe down the tiles and...

How To Clean The Sink
The residue won't matter...

How To Clean The Toilet Bowl
Use the Coke can...

How To Clean Tiles
use liquid shoe whitener

How To Clean Your Dentures
The thought of having dentures is not that attractive, however there are many people that do have dentures for a whole range of reasons. If this applies to...

How To Clean Your Oven
Bicarb of soda will do the job

How To Effectively Clean Muddy Hands
More uses of sugar

How To Get Chrome Taps Sparkling
If you want to get your chrome/metal taps, surfaces etc really sparkling use neat liquid soap/shower gel/bath creme. Simply rub the liquid soap over the...

How To Get Clean Windows
Use a bit of vinegar...

How To Get Dazzling Mirrors
Ordinary old newspaper can help

How To Get Rid Of Mildew
When you are in the shower then you will no doubt pull a shower curtain across in order to stop the water splashing everywhere and soaking the bathroom...

How To Have Cleaner Bathroom Shelves
Use some tile gloss

How To Keep Bathroom Mirrors Clean
Washing up liquid...

How To Keep New Towels Fluffy
Don't use fabric conditioner

How To Keep Your Toilet Sparkling
Cheap washing up liquid will help...

How To Leave A Posh Touch To The Bathroom
Cleaning is hard isn't it, and sometimes after we clean we feel that our work will go a bit unappreciated! So what better way than to leave posh finishing...

How To Make A Mirror Sparkle
vinegar to the rescue...

How To Make Bathroom Cleaning Easier
If this sounds like an impossible dream, a way of making it easier to clean the bathroom, then it need not be. And here is how: All that you have to do is...

How To Make Shower Doors Shiny
We all know that shower doors that start all nice and shiny are very hard to keep that way. The water stains and the build up from soap and shower gel and...

How To Make Your Floor Shiny
The shinier the better...

How To Prevent Mirrors Steaming Up
use shaving foam!!!

How To Remove Grout

How To Remove Limescale
use salt

How To Remove Limescale From Bathroom Taps
you don't need to spend lots of money...

How To Remove Mascara Stains
Use detergent

How To Remove Mildew Quickly
Vinegar it!

How To Remove Mould From The Bathroom
A brilliant and cheap method...

How To Remove Toilet Bowl Stains
The toilet bowl can be...

How To Remove Toilet Smells
We all know how unpleasant it can be walking into the toilet after someone has had a hot curry the night before! However there is something simple that you...

How To Stop A Mirror Steaming Up
One of the annoying things about mirrors apart from that they tend to tell the truth, is that they can mist up. Particularly if you are in the bathroom or...

How To Stop Soap Drying Out
We all have had bars of soap that get rock hard and are impossible to use, particularly if they are not used that frequently. On the flip side if you have a...

How To Whiten Tile Grout
If you have grout between your bathroom tiles like many people do up and down the country, then you will know that the grout can become an unsightly...

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