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Anti Aging Exercises

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Anti-Aging Exercises

Tipsfor keeping your face looking fresh and young by strengthening the facial muscles.

Upper Eyes
Place three middle fingers of each hand just under your eyebrows and push up.
At the same time, contract the forehead muscles, so they are pushing down on the fingers. Hold for a count of five for the first set and release. Take a deep breath. Continue to press, holding to a count of 10 for the next three sets, and breathing. Do this once a day, six days a week.

Double Chin
Raise the chin until the neck is taught. Press the tongue up on the roof of the mouth, letting the lips part slightly. Hold for a count of five and release. Take a deep breath.
Repeat the lift, and hold for10 seconds three more times.

Forehead Lines
Place the fingertips on the forehead at the hairline and push up. Push down on your fingertips with your forehead, so that the muscles at the hairline are contracted.
Hold for five counts for the first set, and 10 counts for the next three sets.
After holding, release and take a deep breath between each repetition.

By: Bev

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