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How A 10 Minute Workout Can Help You Lose Weight

Health And Fitness : Toning Your Body

When you think about losing weight through exercise, you might think of the miserable existence of having to go to the gym after work, and doing lots of running and sweating on machines.

But that needn't be the way - in fact with just a few minutes of workout a day, around 10 in total, you can make significant improvements to your fitness and lose weight in the process. The trick is simply knowing what sort of exercises to perform.

If you jog on the spot one day for four minutes or you skip with a rope fast for four minutes, then that is significant amount of high energy aerobic training you've just condensed into a few minutes, and without needing an expensive gym or its equipment at all.

Secondly, do a few minutes of what is known as resistance work in your ten minute workout: for instance some press-ups, or lunges.

Start with a minute of stretching and end with a minute of stretching and then after the aerobic element at the start, do a little work for 60 seconds on your abs with some sit-ups.

And that's it, a quick and simple daily workout that will really help with fitness, toning and losing weight. As ever consult your doctor before doing exercise.

By: Stacy

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