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How To Remove A Splinter

Health And Fitness : Alternative Health

Splinters can be mildly irritating to really annoying depending where the splinter is and how large it is and the angle it is at and how far it has gone in.

The first thing to try to do is to try to get rid of it by using clean, sterilized tweezers. These are usually the best way to get a grip.

If you can't or it is submerged then try applying a little ice first to at least ease the pain slightly. That said, note that sometimes this can actually push the splinter deeper!

Wash the skin where the splinter is with soap and warm water thoroughly.

If not easily removable don't try too hard as you can just cause pain without any realistic chance of removal - and splinters normally come out on their own accord in the end! Also ensure your tetanus is up to date.

By: Stephanie

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